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Branch & Barrel Bourbon

Branch & Barrel Flagship Straight Bourbon is 80% Corn, 20% Malted Barley, and 100% intended to quench your thirst for delicious CO craft whiskey.

We produce this Small Batch spirit entirely in-house, by hand, using only the best locally sourced ingredients.


Plumwood Barrel Aged Whiskey

Our Plumwood Whiskey is made as an homage to those humble beginnings. In those days, our spirit was rested on toasted tree trimmings, stored in mason jars in our owners’ garage. The branches were our barrels! This whiskey is the only one of its kind. With notes of plum, raisins, port-like elements, and a lingering smokiness that sits on the palate.


Honey Barrel Aged Bourbon

Here at Branch & Barrel we believe in authentic flavor and uncompromising quality, and our Honey Barrel Finished Bourbon is no exception. We rest this whiskey for 3 years in new American oak before sending the barrel off to Bee Squared Apiary in Berthoud, CO.They age their pure wildflower honey in that same barrel for 90 days, then drain the barrel and send it back to us.


Café Miel: Aged Coffee Bourbon

Cafe Miel is a luxurious coffee laden twist on our classic Honey Barrel Finished Bourbon. We partnered up with our friends at Denver’s own Corvus Coffee Roasters to create this very unique and decidedly spirituous espresso expression. Now try saying that five times fast.




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Whiskey crafted the way it should be.

One of the key factors that has helped to propel Colorado’s whiskey scene to prominence is the abundance of high-quality ingredients available in the state. Colorado is home to some of the best barley and corn in the country, which are essential ingredients in the production of whiskey. Many of the state’s distilleries also use local water sources, which can have a significant impact on the flavor and character of the final product.


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