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We Make Pure, Smooth Tasting, Bourbon

tree below We Make Pure Smooth Tasting Bourbon


When owners Ryan and Tom were working in Boulder, CO, they decided it could be a hell of a lot of fun to make an authentic, homemade whiskey in their spare time. They teamed up with their skilled friend Scott who fashioned an old water heater into a still, and then began to fiddle around with different recipes. After many fruitless attempts, they found THE formula! Once successfully distilling a delicious white spirit, they turned to using tree branch cuttings from Tom’s backyard to flavor the liquor, and stored them in mason jars. As a result, our first barrels were flavored with these branches; hence our name ‘Branch & Barrel’.


From the beginning it was very important to the these three that everything they did was authentic, from the heart, but also with their own personal twist. Using their construction industry connections, the B&B crew went on to acquire second-hand equipment from around the country to create their equipment. The still was once a Campbell’s soup maker, the fermentation tanks used to hold condiments, the high and low wines containers were formerly used in a soft-drink facility, and the tin cap sealer is a repurposed drill press from the 1930s. Scott is also a farmer, which allows us to feed our spent grains to his livestock, who gobble up this delicious nutrition.


Branch & Barrel is made using a heavy corn and barley, bourbon recipe. We source our corn in Northeastern CO and our water from Eldorado Springs, CO. This mix offers a sweet body with malty notes. The finished high wines are aged in Char #3 new white oak barrels filling Branch & Barrel whiskey with caramel and vanilla notes. The final product is a delicious whiskey with authentic Colorado character.

Colorado craft brewing has become synonymous with small-batch, hand-crafted quality.

And we proudly carry over that tradition to bourbon whiskey, using the same distilling process they used when America was just a glint in our founding fathers’ eyes. Why we do it: The love of bourbon, a passion for quality, and the authenticity that comes from doing it on our own. Is it overly optimistic to say we plan on returning bourbon whiskey to its rightful place as America’s favorite spirit? Probably. After all, we’re just a small-batch distiller from Colorado. But after people taste just how clean and good whiskey can be, we’re going to open a lot of eyes.

And That Just Might Spark A Bourbon Rebellion Of Our Own.






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