The Distilling Process

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First Barrels

These are our first-ever barrels!

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Here is where we mash, ferment, and distill our wonderful whiskeys! Everything here has been built by us using re-purposed equipment.

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Here is where we store our ingredients and barrels. You can see our water tank full of water from Elizabeth, CO, blue barrels of local Corn and Barley, and more!

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This is our magnificent Pot Still! We took a 500 gallon Soup Maker and cut the top off, built our own still head using plenty of copper piping ‘honeycombed’ within the head to ensure our spirit makes contact with plenty of copper.

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High Low Wines

Here you see our High and Low Wines tanks, formerly holding tanks in a soft drink facility. This is where we store our distillate before our second run distilling and then before barreling!

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Barrel Storage

Our White Oak Whiskey is barreled in 53 gallon virgin American White Oak barrels. For our specialty lines, we use ‘Squarrel’ barrels, a company here in Colorado that provides us with stainless steel tanks and replaceable staves for experimentation!

Whiskey crafted the way it should be.

flagship Only The Best Water

Only The Best Water

Our water is pure coming out of Elizabeth, CO. Our corn is grown in north-east Colorado. And our small, hand-crafted batches are aged in Colorado’s dry environment in 53 gallon barrels.

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We relish it

We don’t mind being on our own. We relish it. It means we can do things the way we want. The way we think it should done. And we’re optimistic enough to think that’s the way you want it done, too.

flagship Heart Soul

Pushing the limits

We’re committed to pushing the limits of whiskey. Starting with the Branches from our backyards to make Barrels, we stop at nothing to bring our drinkers the cleanest and tastiest whiskey in America.

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