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Branch & Barrel Distillery Creates Innovative Whiskeys Using Colorado Ingredients

The idea for Branch & Barrel Distilling began in 2012 when three longtime friends decided to learn how to make a good whiskey together. Founders Ryan Morgan, Scott Freund and Tom Sielaff ordered books about how to make whiskey on Amazon and read them cover to cover, spending the next three years learning the ropes. Since they didn’t have access to barrels in which to age their spirits at the time, they did the next best thing they could think of: The trio added tree branches from Tom’s backyard into Mason jars to impart flavor as they aged whiskey for six months.



Branch & Barrel Distilling, in Centennial, Colorado, shows how an interdependent community-based economy can raise spirits for an entire region.

Craft breweries and public houses play an important role in the revival and growth potential of towns and cities. They serve as both economic generators and spaces for people to gather and share ideas over a pint or two...