Who We Are

The team at Branch & Barrel Distilling has watched the evolution of fine bourbon come a long way in Colorado over the last seven years. Starting with a twenty year friendship, three friends were unsatisfied with the national progression of the whiskey transformation, we envisioned a niche’ for a smoother, more delicious and homegrown bourbon whiskey.

Created by using all Colorado grown native ingredients, along with the use of our fractioning still, we twice distill for flavor: giving birth to a more palatable, higher quality, and more flavorful bourbon called Branch & Barrel.

Branch & Barrel Distilling grew out of our strong passion to bridge the gap between friends and family, with the freedom to create something truly unique. This passion is what drives us to forge a path into the unknown and unapologetically expand our branches into unexpected territory.

Branch & Barrel is a smoother, more palatable and flavorful bourbon with four distinctive flavors; traditional White Oak, a delicate Plumwood, a light Honey and a surprising 3-Way combination in proofs of 84 to 90.

Team Members

Dylan Warren

Fermenting & Distilling Lead

Fred Taylor


Kari Eichhorst

Territory Manager

Lauren Scroggins


Rick Warren

Master Distiller

Ron Johnson

Director of Sales and Distibution

Ryan Morgan


Sajili Bacallo

VP of Operations

Scott Freund


Ted Smith


Tom Sielaff